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Our Mission

The Dwipod Corporation pledges to build partnerships in communities with both small and large businesses, as well as local agencies focused on public service (police departments, school districts, etc.). Through these partnerships, the Dwipod Corporation will provide the Dwipod impaired driving simulator to local public service agencies for educational events.


The Dwipod Corporation will also assist in raising funds on behalf of public service-oriented agencies through applying for grants at the local, state, and federal level. Grant funding acquired through this process will be used to provide that agency with their own Dwipod impaired driving simulator. 

In addition to providing education and awareness to the public on the dangers of impaired driving, it is also the mission of the Dwipod Corporation to provide high-quality, hand-made products for our customers. All simulators are Made in America, not mass-produced, and it is our goal to buy American-made products as much as possible. Customer service and quality is of extreme importance to the Dwipod Corporation.

About Dwipod

The Dwipod Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which builds portable impaired driving simluators and provides impaired driving software. The Dwipod Corporation was created to address the issue of impaired driving in a proactive and educational way. By allowing participants to experience the effects of alcohol and other distractions on response time and vehicle operation, the Dwipod Corporation strives to prevent impaired driving in its consumer base through education and outreach. 


The Dwipod Corporation has produced a variety of different simulators designed to suit your specific needs, including but not limited to:

  • City Car Driving Software

  • 360 Virtual Reality Simulator

  • Motosim

  • Dwipod Lite

  • Dwipod 1.0

  • Dwipod 2.0

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