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Dwipod Motosim

The Dwipod MotoSim is the most portable motorcycle simulator in the US and features the Hs2 StreetFighter control system developed by IASystems Computer Controls. The Dwipod Motosim is sold as an add-on to the Dwipod Lite. The Dwipod Motosim includes a special version of City Car Driving featuring a driveable motorcycle.
The Dwipod MotoSim has a weight rating of 450 lbs and can be folded down to allow for easy transport.

The Dwipod MotoSim features:

  • Hs2 StreetFighter system

  • Extruded Aluminum Frame

  • Custom Seat

  • Featuring City Car Driving Enterprise Edition - MotoSim

All orders include a One (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty and a Three (3) Year Warranty on All Al2 Sub-Frames. Additionally, all products are customized to fit your needs.


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