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Dwipod Virtual Reality 360

The Dwipod Virtual Reality (VR) 360 headset allows users to experience distracted driving first-hand.


The Dwipod VR360 features:

  • ​Samsung Galaxy 8-5.5 inch Dual Edge Super AMOLED Main Display; 2560 x 1400 (Quad HD Resolution)

  • Wireless Bluetoooth Rechargeable Headphones

  • Wireless Charger /Wireless Charging Pad

  • Pelican Storage Case

  • 2A Wall Charger

  • 3.5 mm Sound Passthrough Cable

  • Leather Protective Barrier for Gear VR

  • Various Software Packages Available

All orders include a One (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty and a Three (3) Year Warranty on All Al2 Sub-Frames. Additionally, all products are customized to fit your needs.


Interested? Contact us today for a price quote!

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