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Dwipod 2.0

The Dwipod 2.0 is the highest model of Dwipod distracted driving simulators. The Dwipod 2.0 creates an experience that allows users to safely experience distracted driving in a controlled setting.


The Dwipod 2.0 features:

  • Standard Package: Custom Design Wheeled Frame with Sparco Racing Chair (Stationary Set-Up)

  • Electrical Package: Lifeline 110 Volt System

  • Computer: VR Capable I7 Core Laptop

  • Monitor: 40 Inch 4K LED

  • Sound System: Bose Speaker System

  • Controls: Fanatec Club Sport Wheels and Pedals

  • Structures: All Al2 Construction, Required Cables and 2-point Seat-belt

  • Software: City Car Driving Enterprise Edition

  • Storage and Transport: Tandem Axel Trailer with Additional Products (Screens, Seats, Etc.)

All orders include 90 days of Phone Technical Support, as well as One (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty and a Three (3) Year Warranty on All Al2 Sub-Frames. Additionally, all products are customized to fit your needs.


Interested? Contact us today for a price quote!

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