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Thank you to all partners of the Dwipod Corporation. Information listed below.


Multi-County Crime Stoppers

Multi-County Crime Stoppers (Formerly Montgomery County Crime Stoppers) has been a successful Crime Stoppers program certified by Texas since July 6, 1981.  We now serve all of Montgomery County, Liberty County and San Jacinto County, providing not only Crime Stoppers services but also serving to raise funds for programs to further support our Law Enforcement partners.  One of our first grants was to purchase a DWIPod for our primary Coordinator who works for Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (Steve Squier) to use to bring not only awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence but also to market our Crime Stoppers program at the same time.


Teens in the Driver Seat

Teens in the Driver Seat® is the nation’s first peer-to-peer safety program for young drivers, involving teenagers directly in developing and delivering driving safety messages. The goal of Teens in the Driver Seat® is to raise awareness of the top driving dangers for teens and prevent crashes involving young drivers. The program empowers teens to spread the word among their peers about deadly driving risks and encourage them to make smart choices while behind the wheel and as passengers.

safe2save 2.PNG

Safe 2 Save

SAFE 2 SAVE is a free mobile app that provides its users an accountability tool to promote undistracted driving. By using the app while driving, you receive 2 points for each minute of undistracted driving that can be accumulated and redeemed for rewards at participating restaurants, stores, etc.!


AI Systems Computer Controls

Motorcycle controls developer. More info to come.

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